Rafayel Barkhudaryan

Director of the Institute of Mathematics

Personal Data  Birthday: 15 May 1981
Work Address: Bagramian ave. 24B, 0019, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: (374 10) 524801
Fields of Interests  

Numerical analysis,
Free boundary problems,
Obstacle type problems,
Convergence acceleration,
Padé approximation,
Scientific Computing.


Editorial board of the Armenian Journal of Mathemtics,
Armenian Mathematical Union,
Scienti c council of the Institute of Mathematics.


Faculty of Mathematics, Yerevan State University degree of  Bacheler of Science
Thesis: The Dirac boundary problem with linear potential and Dirac’s isospectral operators
Supervisor: Tigran Harutyunyan

Faculty of Mathematics, Yerevan State University degree of  Magistrate of Science
Thesis: Nonlinear multiparameter Sturm-Liouville problems
Supervisor: Anry Nersessian


Institute of Mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia,  Postgraduate Student
Ph.D. Thesis: Convergence acceleration of expansions by eigenfunctions of some boundary value problems.
Supervisor: Anry Nersessian

Professional Experience  

2000 – 2005   Boomerang Software LLC (programmer),
2005 2007   Junior researcher, Institute of Mathematic,
2007 – 2011   Scientific Secretary, Institute of Mathematics,
2011 – 2014   Deputy Director, Institute of Mathematics,
2014 –              Director, Institute of Mathematics.

2009 Nov.        One month training course in Central Bank of Armenia.

Teaching Experience  

Business Math.,
Numerical Analysis,
Mathematical Packages (MatLab, Mathematica),
Variation analysis,
Numerical methods for solving PDE's,
Fourier series and it's applications,

Faculty of Mathematics, Yerevan State University,
American University of Armenia.

Research Grants  

2005 – 2006   Participation in the Project ISTC A-823
2006 – 2007   NFSAT GRSP - 18/06 "Acceleration of convergence of
                          expansion by eigenfunctions."
2011  2013   Participation in the SCS grant 11-1a307
2013 – 2014   NFSAT YSSP-13-24 "Numerical Solution to Some Free
                          Boundary Problem"
2014 – 2015   SCS 11-1a307  "Investigation of some free boundary      
                          problem arising in physical growth models"

Participation in Conferences  

   - International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics(ICNAAM 2013) September 21- 27, 2013, Rhodes, Greece.

 - International Conference  "HARMONIC ANALYSIS AND APPROXIMATIONS, V" 10-17 September 2011, Tsahkadzor, ARMENIA.

  - International Conference  "Dynamic systems, nonlinear analysis and their applications" 10-17 July 2011, Yerevan, ARMENIA.

 - International Conference  "Third Russian-Armenian workshop on mathematical physics, complex analysis and related topics" 4-8 October 2010, Tsahkadzor, ARMENIA.

 - International Conference  "HARMONIC ANALYSIS AND APPROXIMATIONS, IV" 19-26 September 2008, Tsahkadzor, ARMENIA.

   - International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics(ICNAAM 2007) September 16 - 20, 2007, Corfu, Greece.

 - Fifth International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technologies(CSIT 2005) 19-23 September, 2005, Yerevan, Armenia.

 - International Conference  "HARMONIC ANALYSIS AND APPROXIMATIONS, III" 20-27 September 2005, Tsahkadzor, ARMENIA.


Scholarships and Prizes:

1996, 1998: International Competition of Towns (Diploma of winner)              
1997: Third Soros Olympiad (physics 3 rd place)
July 1998: participated in the 39th IMO, Taiwan            
1995, 1996, 1998: All Republic Mathematical Olympiad (correspondingly 2,1,2 places)

2005: Scholarship of the “Research Mathematics” Fund.

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