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20 - 27 September 2005, Tsahkadzor, ARMENIA

Institute of Mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
Yerevan State University

Programme Committee:  N. U. Arakelian (Armenia), Z. Ciesielski (Poland), P. Gauthier (Canada), B. S. Kashin (Russia), W. Luh (Germany), A. M. Olevskii (Israel), V. N. Temlyakov (USA), A. A. Talalian (Armenia), P. L. Ul'yanov (Russia)

Organizing Committee:  G. Gevorgian, A. Sahakian, A. Hakobyan, M. Poghosyan

Arrival date: September 20, 2005.
Departure date: September 27, 2005.
Deadline for application: March 31, 2005

The Conference Fee $400 will cover all local expenses (registration, transportation, accommodation, excursion, banquet, welcome party, abstracts and proceedings volumes). We hope to be able to partially reimburse these expenses.

The program of the conference will consist of invited 40-minutes plenary lectures and contributed 20-minutes talks. The following mathematicians have agreed to give a plenary lecture at the conference:
Borislav Bojanov (Bulgaria),
Carl de Boor (USA),
Ronald DeVore (USA),
Nira Dyn (Israel),
Hakop Hakopian (Armenia),
Kazaros Kazarian (Spain),
Gerard Kerkyacharian (France),
Sergey Konyagin (Russia),
Michael Lacey (USA),
Konstantin Oskolkov (USA),
Allan Pinkus (Israel),
Gerald Schmieder (Germany),
Vu Kim Tuan (USA),
Przemyslaw Wojtaszczyk (Poland).
Those who are interested in participation in the conference should fill out the Preliminary Registration Form
                Artur A. Sahakian,
                Institute of Mathematics,
                Marshal Bagramian ave, 24-B,
                375019, Yerevan, Armenia
                Fax: (3741) 524801