Gurgen Asatryan's Publications (Full profile)

Conference Paper

  1. Gurgen Asatryan, A note on Bruhat order in the Symmetric groups, International Conference CSIT (Computer Science and Information Technology), (2005)
  2. Gurgen Asatryan, Weak arithmetics in the smallest signature, International Conference in Mathematics, Armenia, (2003)


  1. Gurgen Asatryan, A solution to identities problem in the 2-element HSI-algebras, Math. Log. Quart., Wiley VCH Verlag, 50, (2), pp. 175-178, (2004)
  2. Gurgen Asatryan, Arithmetical identities in a 2-element model of Tarski?s system, Math. Log.Quart., Wiley VCH Verlag, 48, (2), pp. 277-282, (2002)
  3. Gurgen Asatryan, Non-hereditary monomorphisms in categories of groups over general categories, J. of Contemporary Mathematical Analysis, 35, (5), pp. 12-20, (2000)
  4. Gurgen Asatryan, A. Mashuryan, On classification of arithmetical formulas on base of classification of M-arithmetics, (in Russian), Uch. Zap. of YSU, 1999, (2), pp. 12-16