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          02.09.2019 Monday

09:00–09:45        Registration

09:45–10:00        Opening

10:00–10:40        Daniel Ueltschi (Warwick): Extremal states decomposition in quantum spin systems

10:40–11:20        Coffee break

11:20–12:00        Linda Khachatryan (Yerevan): Direct and inverse problems in the theory of description of random fields

12:00–12:40        Elena Zhizhina (Moscow): Asymptotic pointwise estimates for heat kernels of convolution type operators

12:40–14:30        Lunch

14:30–15:10        Pavel Exner (Prague): Topology makes the spectral picture richer: quantum graph examples

15:10–15:40        Coffee break

15:40–16:20        Andrey Piatnitski (Moscow): Homogenization of non-symmetric convolution type operators in periodic media

19:30                   Welcome Party


         03.09.2019 Tuesday

09:00–09:40        Gian Michele Graf (Zurich): Indirect measurements of a harmonic oscillator

09:40–10:20        Claude–Alain Pillet (Toulon): Thermodynamics of repeated quantum measurements

10:20–10:50        Coffee break

10:50–11:30        Saidakhmat Lakayev (Samarkand): The threshold effects for the two-particle Hamiltonians on lattices

11:30–12:10        Alexander Lykov (Moscow): Long-time behaviour of infinite chain of harmonic oscillators

12:10–12:40        Sylvie Roelly (Potsdam): Statistical mechanical approaches for solving infinite-dimensional SDEs with memory

12:40–14:30        Lunch

14:30                   Round Table with Coffee break  R:A:Minlos: Life, work, and legacy (Роберт Адольфович Минлос: жизнь, творчество, математическое наследие) Chair: Valentin Zagrebnov (Marseille)


         04.09.2019 Wednesday

09:00–09:40        Jesper Møller (Aalborg): Determinantal point processes and their usefulness in spatial statistics

09:40–10:20        Sabine Jansen (Munich): Cluster expansions with renormalized activities and applications to colloids

10:20–10:50        Coffee break

10:50–11:30        Dimitrios Tsagkarogiannis (L’Aquila): Virial inversion and density functionals

11:30–12:10        David Dereudre (Lille): DLR equations and rigidity for the Sine-beta process

12:10–12:30        Pierre Houdebert (Potsdam): Sharp phase transition for the Widom-Rowlinson model

12:30–14:30        Lunch

14:30–15:00        Suren Poghosyan (Yerevan): A Characterization of the Gibbs process in terms of a given factorial measure

15:00–15:20        Leonid Kolesnikov (Munich): Activity expansions for correlation functions: Characterizing the domain of absolute convergence

15:20–16:00        Mathias Rafler (Berlin): Integration by parts for conditioned point processes

16:00–16:30        Coffee break

16:30­                   Round Table               Classical continuous systems. Existence, uniqueness and phase transitions. What do we know today? Chair: Hans Zessin (Bielefeld)


         05.09.2019 Thursday

09:00                   Sightseeing Tour Geghard Monastery and the Temple of Garni

19:30                   Banquet                 


         06.09.2019 Friday

09:00–09:40        Carlo Boldrighini (Rome): Three-dimensional incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations: complex blow-up and related real flows

09:40–10:20        Eugene Pechersky (Moscow): Application of the large deviations theory to a stochastic version of Hawking-Penrose black hole model. Large emission regime

10:20–10:50        Coffee break

10:50–11:30        Armen Shirikyan (Cergy–Pontoise): Entropy production in viscous fluid flows

11:30–11:50        Nikita Vvedenskaya (Moscow): New expressions for local large deviations probability

11:50–12:10        Ostap Hryniv (Durham): Phase separation and sharp large deviations

12:10–12:30        Alexander Zass (Potsdam): Existence of Gibbsian point measures via entropy methods

12:30–14:30        Lunch

14:30–14:50        Rodolfo Figari (Napoli): Regularized Hamiltonians for a three Boson system with zero-range interactions

14:50–15:10        Carlo Lucheroni (Camerino): Machine learning econometrics

15:10–15:50        Volker Betz (Darmstadt): The phase transition for random loop models on trees


         07.09.2019 Saturday

09:00–09:20        Daniel Parra (Tokyo): Low-energy asymptotic in perturbed periodically twisted quantum waveguides

09:20–09:40        Alla Kuznetsova (Kazan): Fell bundle over a local group

09:40–10:00        Hayk Sukiasyan (Yerevan): Semi-recursive algorithm of piecewise linear approximation of two-dimensional function by the method of worst segment dividing

10:00–10:20        Tigran Harutyunyan (Yerevan): On some inverse problems

10:20–10:40        Rytis Jursenas (Vilnius): The peak model for the triplet extensions and their transformations to the reference Hilbert space

10:40–11:00        Closing